Well, if Batman didn’t live up to its expectations, Wall-e most certainly did!  Perhaps because I don’t hang out with many 8 year olds, I wasn’t able to have Wall-e ruined with unreachable expectations like Batman was.  Now, let me set unreachable expectations for Wall-e for you!

Wall-e is a Disney/Pixar movie about the future of earth and humans.  The Earth is filled with trash and dust storms and no longer can sustain life (human or plant).  Humans live a space ship and get around on these kick-ass hovercraft loungers with built in computers.  This has made the humans really, really fat.  Wall-e is the twenty first century’s Johnny 5 and he has a romance with sleek-bot Eve that rivals Carrie and Big a la Sex and the City.  The whole movie and all of its characters are just adorable!  You’ll laugh and awww out loud!  Al Gore may have gotten the global warming message out there using power point slides in An Inconvenient Truth, but Wall-e makes a more general point that appeals to kids of all ages, ruin the earth and you’ll end up living on a space ship, drinking meals through a straw, and even though those hover-loungers are cool, who really wants a double chin? Best movie of the summer!  Watch the trailer, then take everyone you know to the theater to see it! WALL-E:  5 of 5 stars

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