Slacker Uprising

There’s a free Michael Moore movie you can watch online called Slacker Uprising.  I watched it last night and it was pretty good.  It’s about Michael Moore’s attempt to get the slackers who didn’t vote in 2000, to vote in 2004.  It takes you right back to the election of 2004, what we were thinking going into it, and the horrendous outcome.  It will get you thinking about where we are now, make you laugh, make you sad, make you wonder.

Also, if you’re not registered to vote, please check the deadline here and take care of it!  In Boulder this year, we’re having this new thing where you can vote early at the rec center on campus.  I have big plans to get every student on campus to vote early at the rec center.  I will share these plans with you later as they are put into motion.  Muahahaha!


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