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Excedrin Migraine

I’ve had random and non-random migraines since I was little.  My first migraine was the 4th of July at my parents house when I was little.  I remember being so excited that the cousins were going to come over and sleep in tents, it was just too much to handle.  I got a migraine and my head just pounded and pounded.  I remember crying, puking from the pain, and then sleeping and missing most of the fun.  Another time I got a migraine on vacation that lasted about three days.  It ended in my waking up in a sleeping bag next to my mom and dad’s bed and puking up cheesecake EVERYWHERE!  My aunts and uncles were staying in the same house we were and everyone remembers having to clean that up.  Good memories!  😉

Back in the day, migraine medicine for little kids was apparently tylenol with codeine.  I’m not so sure how opiates and acetaminophen were supposed to help with anything except to make me feel high and give me a stomach ache.  Later in life I was prescribed an actual migraine medicine that was supposed to help open the blood vessels.  This stuff was scary to take and really didn’t work all that well.

During grad school I discovered Excedrin Migraine.  This is an over the counter drug that’s just a combination of caffeine, tylenol, and asprin and it is the first drug that actually gets rid of my major headaches (migraines and non-migraines)!  This is kind of a big deal to take.  I suggest taking one pill and making sure that you’ve eaten something or will eat something during this process.  The caffeine is intense and will give you the shakes if you take it on an empty stomach (and this comes from a coffee drinker).  I’d wait about a half an hour to see if you even need the second pill, unless it’s super bad, then pop two right away.  With any migraine medicine, the key is to take it, make sure you’ve eaten a meal recently (quinoa is good for migraines!), drink lots of water, and lay down in a dark room in hopes of falling asleep.

Today I woke up with a headache, which could have been a result of several things, the newly formed habit of teeth grinding on a jaw that is currently not set properly, the being woken up at 2:00AM and then at 6:00AM with jerks swimming in the pool outside my window, or the fact that I have company in town when things are pretty hectic with the accepting the job offer and trying to graduate.  The headache got worse as I climbed 2,500 feet in elevation (in my car) and then immediately came back down after dropping my company off.  Advil wasn’t doing the trick and I decided to grab some lunch and coffee, walk to work, and take some migraine medicine.  This wasn’t a migraine (no pounding), but man was it painful!  No more than 20 minutes after taking my pill and eating some of my lunch while drinking my coffee, I felt positively blissful!  I worked for a good five hours, got a ton of research accomplished, and only felt a minor buzz from the whole thing.  Thank you Excedrin Migraine!


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